Smileage Plus Program


We have some great news to share with you!

Starting with your first appointment, we will be issuing you your very own "SMILEAGE PLUS" point card!

Dr. Bruce with patient who cashed in 140 Smileage Plus points

"What is it?"

Well, it's a great way for you to earn some great prizes!!

"How does it work?"

You earn points just by being a great patient and following instructions! You can also earn points by having a good report card, being on time for your *regular appointments, and for wearing your Evans Orthodontics T-shirt. Best of all, when you SEE YOUR DENTIST for a regular check-up, you'll earn points BIG TIME! Here is a list of how you can earn points...

Good Oral Hygiene




Dentist Appointment (2 per year only)


On-Time for Appointments                      1

Take a Selfie and Tag us (1 per visit) or
Check-In on Facebook                                   



Good Report Card (A's and B's) – quarterly only


Wearing Your Evans T-Shirt

Leave us a REVIEW on Facebook, Yelp or Google



Smileage Plus Prize cabinet

"What can I win?"

**NEW--POP Its!**

**Fidget Spinners !**

**  You can win tickets to the movies, gift certificates to local restaurants, Watiki Water Park passes, gift cards... and much, much more!

Redeem 10 points  for a POP SOCKET or a POP IT

Redeem 20 points for a $10 Best Buy, Starbucks or Target gift card, 2 Taco Johns certificates, a 4GB USB/Laser Pointer/Pen, 2 Little Caesars gift cards, an Armadillo's gift card or  2 Elks Theater movie passes

Redeem 30 points for a Portable Power bank Charger, a FIDGET SPINNER or 1 pass to Watiki

Redeem 40 points for a $20 Target, Starbucks or Best Buy gift card,  a flash drive, 4 Elks Theater tickets, 4 Taco Johns certificates or 4 Little Caesar's gift cards!

Redeem 60 points for a $30 Scheels or Target gift card, 2 passes to Watiki

Redeem 80 points for a $40 Target or Best Buy gift card, or 8 Elks Theater tickets!

Redeem 100 points for a $50 Best Buy or Target gift card.

Redeem 120 points for a $60 Scheels, Best Buy or Target gift card

Redeem 140 points for a $70 Best Buy or Target gift card

**This contest is not produced, sponsored or executed by any of the companies listed above.  The Target, Best Buy, Scheels, Starbucks, Little Caesar's, Taco Johns, Elks Theater, Watiki and Armadillo logos are trademarks of each individual company.

For all of our new patients... WELCOME!

Please click on the monkey below, print and bring it to your first visit .We'll start you off with 5 "FREEBIES!" We have supplied all of the area dentists with the dental visit card. Just remember to ask your dentist to sign one for you so that you can bring it to your next orthodontic appointment! You can also print this one out if you need to.

Monkey photo to print and bring to office for points  smilage4.jpg

Dentist Visit Card


This form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. If you do not have Adobe Reader already installed on your computer, click the Adobe logo to download.

See you soon!
The Evans Orthodontics Team

*Points are not given for emergency/repair appointments.

**Points are transferable between family members only.

They are caring and accomodating, and even though they are running a business, they have the personalities and talent of making their patients feel special and top-priority! - Cali

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