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We at are now the proud provider of vibration technology with Propel’s VPro5™! Used for just 5 minutes per day, the VPro5™ helps ensure that your clear aligners are fully seated.

Did you know?

Proper aligner seating is very important. Improperly seated aligners can slow treatment, forcing patients to backtrack to previous trays. In addition to prolonging treatment, consequences of incomplete aligner seating can include unnecessary refinement.

Ask about the VPro5™ at your next visit!

Patient Guide

The VPro5™ Approach

How often should I use it?

  • Utilize the VPro5™ for just 5 minutes a day.
  • Continue use for the entirety of your orthodontic treatment, or as otherwise directed by your doctor.

How much pressure should I apply?

  • Bite down gently on the mouthpiece. There is no need to bite down or clench any harder than as needed to support the device.
Propel VPro5 device with mouthpiece

How to Guide

  1. Connect the mouthpiece to the oscillator.
  2. Confirm that the device feels secure and stable.
  3. Depress (apply firm pressure) the white on-switch on the oscillator to activate vibration function. A blue light will illuminate. Device will slowly ramp up to full vibration.
  4. While wearing your aligners, bite down on the mouthpiece and begin vibration therapy.
  5. The device will function for 5 minutes per use and will automatically shut-off after the duration of treatment.
  6. LED Notification Light blinks green 3 times to indicate cycle is complete. After use, clean and charge device as needed.

Cleaning the VPro5™

The mouthpiece should be cleaned after each treatment use. Detach the mouthpiece from the oscillator. Rinse the mouthpiece under water and let dry. Do not rinse or submerge the oscillator; however, it may be wiped with a moist towel.

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